Blade Runner Introduction

Our brief is to imagine we have just secured our dream job as an editorial stylist for our favourite fashion magazine. The editor has decided that the theme is ‘Iconic Movies’. We have been asked to work collectively in a group as the editorial stylists to put a fashion look together for a shoot inspired by our chosen film. Our chosen film is the 1982 version of Blade Runner. Our fashion looks will then be photographed in a studio by a professional.

Our job is to look into history, culture, locations, actors/ directors and stories behind the film. We are going to be looking at the subliminal messages hidden within the film, quotes, music, people, colours and the environment in which it is set.

We will be using the film Blade Runner to inspire a look which is current and desireable today, despite the film being set in 1982. Obviously there is quite a big difference between the fashion then compared with styles today, however we are going to aim to visually communicate it in an interesting, exciting and most importantly, fashionable way!

When watching the film for the first time I tried to pay attention to details such as the year it was set, sets, locations, shapes, patterns, materials, moods and the meaning behind the film. Our looks can be for menswear and womenswear, and there were plenty of female and male actors in the film to take inspiration from.

These are some brief notes I made when watching the film for the first time:

  • Set in the future-1982- Traditional Futuristic Style
  • Sci Fi
  • Dark
  • Atmospheric
  • Red and blue lights- Could use spotlights during the shoot?
  • Lots of greys and neutral tones
  • Colour palette mostly consist of greys, browns, blue, black, dark red, oranges and white
  • Most of the actors/ characters had slicked back hair
  • During the filming, there was lots of close ups and focus on the eyes
  • Bright neon lights- could be used as a prop?
  • Men were wearing mostly shirts, ties and long coats
  • Lots of leather and leather jackets
  • Lots of characters were smoking cigarettes- could be used as a prop?
  • Big, chunky old TVs even though it was set in the future
  • Birds (specifically owls) were featured throughout the film to create an ethereal mood
  • Some of the women were wearing heels and heeled boots
  • The women’s hair was styled with a fringe and was also slicked back in buns
  • Women’s makeup was kept quite natural and following the neutral tones with brown eyeshadow
  • There was lots of bright orange lights
  • The women were not wearing any jewellery or earrings
  • One woman had long red nails which I thought were quite iconic and stood out a lot
  • The women were portrayed as strong, confident characters and knew what they wanted- The shoot could be inspired by the theme empowering women?
  • Lots of cool toned blue lights- could be used for lighting?
  • One particular female character stood out to me as very striking because she was dressed very differently to the rest in a punk/ goth style. She was wearing either a blonde wig or had her hair bleached and styled with a fringe, a studded collar for an accessory, and she was wearing stockings/tights, heels/heeled boots, a lace black dress and an over shirt. Her makeup also matched the gothic theme and featured lots of eyeliner and contour and she had dark circles under her eyes.
  • There were lots of mannequins around to suit the robotic theme running throughout the film
  • Searchlights were featured a lot throughout and would be good to use for lighting inspiration
  • There was lots of water on the floor which created reflections
  • lots of characters had torches as a prop
Neon Lights in Blade Runner
Pris’ gothic themed style
Rachel’s Hair
Rachel’s Makeup
Mannequins and blue lighting
Pris’ Makeup
Blade Runner focuses on the eye

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